MoovJS 101

MoovJS 101
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Welcome to Moovweb University! This is our core curriculum course for MoovJS, where you’ll learn what you need to know to create a mobile project from start to finish.


Quick Start

To start learning how to use Moovweb, click on the Modules link in the sidebar!


Enrollment is required to unlock advanced material, take assessments, and get certified. If you have yet to enroll in this course, you can still enter the Modules section to preview the lessons in the first module unit. For information on registration and enrollment, please contact us at

Course Modules

Moovweb University’s course modules consist of all the learning materials for the course. This includes written walkthroughs, documentation, screenshots, and more. We’ll cover everything from basic planning and styling techniques, to advanced transformations, handling client-side JavaScript, and deploying our final site live.

Quizzes and Final Exam

The course includes two quizzes. Both quizzes must be passed in order to unlock more advanced course modules.

The final exam consists of 22 questions (mostly true-false and multiple choice). The questions are designed to cover the core concepts needed to build a Moovweb experience.

Certification Project

In addition to the final exam, certification requires the completion of one final project. If you follow along with the course module examples and side exercises, you will have completed a significant amount of the final project. You can see the requirements for the final project by clicking on it from the Assignments page.


Moovweb University is graded based on completion. Passing grades will count as complete, and failing grades will count as incomplete.

Discussion Boards

Please use the discussion boards if you have any questions. Our Moovweb developers will be monitoring these discussion boards and help you pass the quizzes and exam, complete the project, and get you certified. You can also message the instructors personally; however, posting it to the discussion board will be helpful to future developers who may have the same exact question.

Getting Started

Are you ready to transform the web? To get started, just hit the modules link in the sidebar to see the full course outline.